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2011-08-04 by Charley Stadler

CHARLEY signs with one of the top 10 commerical production companies in the world. US based BELIEVE MEDIA in London

Press relase today in London!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Charley Stadler’s striking and innovative talent to the Believe Media fold. Bold, inventive and always willing to experiment with his ideas and stories, Charley has created his own visual world on screen, filled with memorable characters, seamless storytelling and stunning visuals ...

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2011-07-28 by Charley Stadler

Oscar winner Tom WIlkinson is reading for the part of Mc Gee in my upcoming movie Americaville!

FIngers crossed! But i know he likes movies with guns in it!

2011-07-21 by Charley Stadler

Shooting For Konti Sweets in Kiev